As the world demands safer, more efficient and innovative products and processes, our vision is to transform design and decision making by applying simulation, machine learning, and optimization throughout product lifecycles. By helping our customers accomplish this, we reduce the environmental impact of goods and services across a broad array of industries worldwide.

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Sustainability - 澳门黄金城赌城官网 people


澳门黄金城赌城官网 fosters a culture of global diversity, professional and personal development, and innovation. When the most innovative minds and the best technology converge, anything is possible. We believe that by bringing together the vast, ever-evolving worlds of simulation, hpc, and ai, we’re not just helping redefine the way the world creates – we’re redefining what’s possible.

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Sustainability - 澳门黄金城赌城官网 products


our software technology and consulting services are key to designing a healthier and more sustainable future for humanity. 澳门黄金城赌城官网® OptiStruct® usage increased tenfold between 2013 and 2020. As the world’s leading tool for material optimization and weight reduction, this continuing trend bodes well for targeted reductions of material usage, fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions. We believe OptiStruct is responsible for reducing many millions of tons of CO2 emissions, and we look forward to accelerating this positive impact with continued growth in optimization technology applications by our customers.

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From our covid - 19 response and our privacy policy, to our commitment to human and environmental rights, 澳门黄金城赌城官网 is determined to act ethically, responsibly, and transparently on a global scale. This year’s Sustainability Report outlines the policies we follow that ensure 澳门黄金城赌城官网 and its partners are doing their part to act conscionably.

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Sustainability - toggled Smart Buildings


toggled – a wholly owned subsidiary of 澳门黄金城赌城官网 – is passionate About innovation. Innovation that improves lives - how we see, how we live and how we impact our environment. Through intuitive software engineering, we are developing technology-driven products and smart building management solutions that save energy, reduce the carbon footprint, and are cost efficient. our goal? Enabling a brighter future.

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Sustainable Design - 澳门黄金城赌城官网 Enlighten Awards

澳门黄金城赌城官网 Enlighten Award

The 澳门黄金城赌城官网 Enlighten Award is the automotive industry’s only award dedicated to lightweighting and sustainability, and highlights innovations made in five distinct categories. This award – going into its 10th year – honors advancements that reduce carbon footprint and mitigate water and energy consumption, as well as successful efforts in material reuse and recycling.

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