Solve design challenges for autonomous vehicles (AV) and advanced driver assistance systems (adas) by simulating real world performance using virtual test drives.


autonomous vehicles (AV) and advanced driver assistance systems (adas) bring increased complexity and a need for more testing. Exploring all the required scenarios within product development timing requires advanced simulation and the application of high-performance computing (hpc). 澳门黄金城赌城官网 technology enables customers to deliver solutions that makes cars and trucks safer today and on the road to driverless mobility.

澳门黄金城赌城官网仿真对车对车(V2V)至关重要, vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), vehicle-to-everything (V2X), AV, 以及客户的adas开发. antennas are key to creating the seamless and reliable 沟通 needed in all three scenarios. 澳门黄金城赌城官网在天线工程方面提供广泛的解决方案, 从设计到布置再到沟通. Some of the performance criteria for antenna designs can be tested in physical antenna chambers, 但是,尽管花费巨大,它们并不能代表真实的环境. for this, more development teams are simulating device signal strength and data throughput in a virtual cityscape with 澳门黄金城赌城官网.

adas传感器 & antennas


Quickly explore more adas sensor and antenna configurations while considering cars, buildings, 以及能够准确反映波浪反射的街道, 衍射和散射.

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Design and integration of automotive radars is challenging due to high operational frequencies and has resulted in electromagnetic (EM) simulation being used more often to reduce the long and expensive prototyping cycles of the radar systems. 因为在雷达频率下车辆的体积非常大, 电磁模拟的计算要求可能很高.

澳门黄金城赌城官网®feko® efficiently and accurately simulates radar antenna design as well as the integration aspects, 包括天线罩和保险杠效应. feko还为超声波传感器提供了解决方案 澳门黄金城赌城官网伙伴联盟 (APA)提供访问 tracepro 激光雷达建模.

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澳门黄金城赌城官网®大拇指™ 是最全面和集成的一套PCB设计查看, 电气分析和验证工具, electronics, 和制造工程师. PollEx transfers data flawlessly between the industry’s most popular ECAD and simulation tools and enables many of the world’s major electronics corporations to quickly visualize and review PCB designs. Its checking tools detect issues early in the design to avoid product failures and simplify manufacture and assembly.

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Most AV and adas development testing leverages existing on-premises or public cloud hpc environments. 澳门黄金城赌城官网®加速器™ is a best-in-class hpc technology used by all major electronics design organizations to rapidly scale, accelerate, 并在运行数百万个模拟时优化资源和成本. Accelerator is the fastest high throughput scheduler and can process 10 million jobs per hour.

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5G天线设计和放置: feko 广泛用于广播和电视的设计, wireless, cellular, 沟通, 远程无钥匙入住, 轮胎压力监测, 卫星定位, radars, rfid, 和其他天线.

5G无线信道模型 feko wave propagation models have been extended to account for the higher frequency bands and specific characteristics of 5G. This includes the definition of the electrical properties for material transmission and reflection in addition to atmospheric absorption characteristics.

A wideband propagation measurement campaign at 73 GHz in New York City has been used to verify that the 澳门黄金城赌城官网 ray tracing model is able to correctly predict the propagation characteristics.

5 g无线网络:城市地区将需要超密集的网络,以满足高数据量. feko 射线追踪可以同时分析大量基站, including new designs such as massive multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) antenna arrays on base stations. It has also enabled the virtual testing of elevation spread of departure (ESD) angles in city environments to evaluate network performance.

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从雷达发明的那一刻起, 它已经证明了其在海上避碰方面的价值, 然后在空中,后来在路上. 本白皮书概述了已经发生的发展.


天线优化 & 虚拟试驾平台

Next generation vehicles brings increased complexity and a need for more connectivity. altair feko™ solution for antenna optimization and Virtual Test Drive platform is the key to developing new products to support connectivity ecosystems. 澳门黄金城赌城官网在天线工程方面提供广泛的解决方案, 从设计到布置再到沟通. for this, more development teams are simulating device signal strength and data throughput in a virtual cityscape with 澳门黄金城赌城官网.



博士的演讲. Ahmadreza Jafari,无线电接收和天线专家, & 菲利普·布蒂埃,Référent RadioFréquence,雷诺.

在这演讲, different examples of Renault RF simulations regarding antenna applications such as keyless entry and ignition, AM / FM /民建联电台吗, 雷达和V2X的探索. Simulations for keyless entry and ignition are performed using altair feko at 125 kHz and 433 MHz. The aim is to define antenna placement)s to achieve the required hand-free detection zone and remote-control range. 关于AM / FM /民建联电台, rear-screen and foil antenna radiation patterns are simulated to optimize fine tuning validations. For the radar antenna, impact of the environment around the antenna is explored by simulation.

This presentation also deals with a simple and complete simulation approach for V2X, in which winprop propagation scenarios are combined with various antenna solutions.



This webinar shows how 澳门黄金城赌城官网 winprop considers the full environment including buildings, cars, street objects in order to get accurate representations of the radio waves impinging on the installed car antennas and the multipath radar channels including reflections, 衍射和散射贡献. For the efficient analysis the car objects can be also replaced by their corresponding radar cross sections (pre-calculated in altair feko). Thus allowing the realistic and fully reproducible evaluations of different options for the antennas and sensors including their 集成和配置.