Ensuring the promises of reliable and efficient communications brings new challenges to the design of 5G products. 5G连接需要高吞吐量, low latency, 并以合理的成本提供特殊的保险, 同时减少能源消耗. 随着网络和应用程序的发展, the precise simulation of antennas in their environment is the key to developing the next generation of broadband products. 澳门黄金城赌城官网 5G simulation solutions support and enable the innovation and deployment of wireless connectivity technology improving communication, assuring compatibility, 减少能源消耗和排放.


5G & 6G Product Design

The rollout of 5G communication networks and 6G networks on the horizon promise to be a boon for telecommunication and manufacturing companies globally. 了解澳门黄金城赌城官网如何帮助他们迎接这些挑战.

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创建统一连接的专用校园网, optimized services, and secure communication within a specific area is a challenge for private network operators. 以提高速度, low latency, 以及5G承诺的其他好处, telecom system integrators, engineers, 咨询公司必须拥有高效的5G开发工具.

澳门黄金城赌城官网提供5G天线和5G网络的集成仿真, 这有助于理解用例, 定义5G基础设施的要求, 并创建一个使用计划来申请频谱. 采用整体模拟方法, campus network planners avoid interferences upfront and prevent radio wave leakage in surrounding areas.

Early 5G network planning with outdoor-indoor simulation scenarios ensures reliable 5G campus network applications


如何主动驱动网络license申请流程, 更快实现5G应用? 澳门黄金城赌城官网 enables optimized 5G network planning in complex environments like urban outdoor-indoor scenarios. The possibility of exact representation from single antennas up to complete systems interacting with their infrastructure and environment allow a unique prediction quality and efficient network realization.

The openness of 澳门黄金城赌城官网’s 5G network simulation tools allows for a smooth integration into existing planning environments. 综合经验波传播模型, 有助于加快网络license申请流程.


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澳门黄金城赌城官网 accelerates the development and integration of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication, 允许更好地管理集成方面, 复杂试验的减少, better planned test runs, 以及更低的开发成本.

澳门黄金城赌城官网为5G连接提供最全面的虚拟试驾. 从单个天线到完整系统的精确表示的可能性, as they interact with the vehicle structure and environment scenarios - like changing terrain, 允许独特的预测质量和高效的设计无线应用.

澳门黄金城赌城官网 simulation tools enable autonomous driving, assessing connectivity in real driving conditions. 解决天线设计的整体工作流程, placement, and system performance via virtual drive tests ensures proper and optimized 5G connectivity on the vehicle.

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只有扩大通信基础设施,5G革命才有可能发生. The holistic representation of massive MIMO antennas within a network can significantly improve antenna designs, 同时减少开发时间, 确保更快的应用程序集成, 更好的设备特性. 这样的自动化设计过程加速了创新之路, 减少测试和测量活动, cut development costs, and speed time to market.

使用澳门黄金城赌城官网的开放环境解决方案, integration with proprietary tools allows for seamless and accelerated development processes. Combined with optimization technology在美国,自动化设计流程加快了创新路径,缩短了上市时间.

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5G Antenna Simulation on Industrial IoT-Device with Industrial Robot and Factory Floor Network Coverage


5G标准是许多工业物联网应用的基础. Simulating the devices, 5G antennas, 以及他们运行的5G网络, 帮助创建所需的通信性能.

澳门黄金城赌城官网 helps you to achieve the data rates required for each application and ensure optimized behavior in the network. Design changes to optimize the antenna design and positions within a device can be identified early, while avoiding 电磁兼容性 (EMC)由无线通信引起的干扰问题.

Being able to precisely represent single antennas up to complete systems interacting with an environment allows a unique prediction quality and efficient design of wireless applications.

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减少实地耗时的测试和测量活动的数量. Measurement campaigns become more meaningful with the preliminary and follow-up evaluations using 澳门黄金城赌城官网 simulation. 在运行中,所有用户都能保证所需的速度和数据速率.

使用澳门黄金城赌城官网 5G模拟软件加速您的5G无线电覆盖分析和评估. Plan and optimize 5G new radio networks considering different existing and new scenarios and business cases.

澳门黄金城赌城官网 supports your planning phase, allowing you to quickly and easily simulate countless scenarios. 澳门黄金城赌城官网’s 5G simulation tools uniquely combine antenna design with radio coverage and planning analysis and provides the broadest set of scenarios for 5G applications.

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The much anticipated roll out of 5G communication networks will be a boon for telecommunications companies all over the world, 但它不会没有挑战.



Industry 4.0 has led companies to investigate the automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices using modern smart technologies via Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) making agricultural and mining equipment, trucks, 通过有效的连接解决方案,使其他重工业资产更加智能化.

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Accelerate Product Development Uniquely Combining Antenna Design and Wireless Connectivity Simulation

在本次网络研讨会中,我们将展示澳门黄金城赌城官网的电磁仿真解决方案, which uniquely combine antenna design and wireless connectivity for a broad array of communication technologies, including among others, 5G, IoT, WiFi and RFID. 作为全球智能设备制造商信赖的解决方案, 澳门黄金城赌城官网's electromagnetic solutions shorten development cycles for higher-performing products by accurately simulating the antenna(s) performance within the physical device and at the same time the performance of the device within the wireless network. The same solution at a communication system level is also used by leading organizations to analyze and design wireless networks, 包括天线的影响, 在像室内这样复杂的场景中, urban and rural



The 4th industrial revolution or the digital enterprise will re-build the business models in various industries through connectivity. 工业物联网(IIoT)网络中5G NR的驱动因素是(i)生产率的提高, (ii) digital transformation through wireless technology and (iii) the use of private networks. 工业物联网(IIoT)网络将在连接方面具有可扩展性, and number of devices and will be designed to deliver optimal performance for all industrial applications using key LTE and 5G NR features like URLLC, mMTC, 5G positioning, 时敏通信(TSC)和较小程度的eMBB. 本演讲首先概述工业物联网的用例和需求. 本报告讨论了在NR中提出的URLLC的基础,该URLLC已在3GPP Rel 15中提出, mainly in support of IIoT, 和url llc增强Rel-16, NR Positioning (Rel-16), TSC (Rel-16) and a version of NR known as NR-Light which is planned to be introduced in Rel 17. NR- light旨在解决NR eMBB、URLLC或mMTC无法满足的用例. The system performance for an indoor ray traced factory using key 5G NR features like URLCC and TSC is presented.

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